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For the business owner who is running out of time to learn how to do marketing and needs someone who is an expert to take care of it. 

The Newbie

This is for a new small business. Created in the last year and needing guidance on where to go with their marketing & how to do it.

- A 2 step funnel approach - Awareness & prospecting.
- Audience creation / Copywriting / Campaign Creation
- Optimisation

Savvy Business Owner

This is for the established small business. You know your product through and through. You have made sales online but you know that it could be a lot better. You need guidance and help because you never have enough time and you are always wearing too many hats. Delegate your ads to the expert.

- A 3 step funnel approach - Awareness, Prospecting, Retargeting
- Audience Creation / Copywriting / Campaign Creation
- Optimisation


This is for the established small business who understands the importance of investing into ad spend in order to get the most back. You will have a well created website. If you are a service, you may have landing pages with drop sells. You know what you want and you know how to get there but you need an expert to save you time and create campaigns that will actually convert. Don’t risk it and make mistakes yourself. Delegate to the expert.

- A 4 step funnel approach - Awareness, Prospecting, Retargeting and Retention.
- Audience Creation / Copywriting / Campaign creation
- Optimisation
- Email marketing funnel

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