1:1 Facebook Ads Coaching

Who is this for?

This is perfect for the small business owner who knows that they need to do Facebook Advertising but don't know where to start and doesn't have the time to start from scratch. Researching takes time. Save time and get an experts insight knowledge to Facebook Ads. 

Included in package

- Digital Strategy Mapping - This will go through what you are currently doing for your business, marketing objectives/goals, target audiences + a marketing strategy. This will be in a Zoom call and then sent to you as a PDF.
- Facebook Ads Ebook - Covering what we have learnt in a downloadable PDF.
- Week 1: Business Manager & Ads Manager - How to set up a business manager and how to navigate it. An overview of Ads Manager. What campaigns to run and how to choose for your business. Setting up a campaign, the basic.
- Week 2: Campaign set up - Audience creation, copywriting and how to write copy (plus walk away with 3x variations of copy to use in your future campaigns). We will set up a campaign for you with three layers; Awareness, Consideration and Acquisition.
- Week 3: Reading Data and Optimisation of your campaigns. See what is and what isn't working and how to fix it as you go.
- Week 4: We will go over your results of the campaigns, discuss what worked well. Discuss your strategy moving forward off the back of this data.
- 1 month after handover you can also book in a free hour with me to ask any questions and look over your ad campaigns.

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